Wednesday, October 5, 2011

KC Weekend #1

This weekend, we traveled to Kansas City to watch the 0-3 KC Chiefs play the 0-3 Minnesota Vikings.  The Chiefs aren't having a very good season thus far -- they were even announced as the #1 Worst Team in the NFL on ESPN two weeks ago.  That is not a good sign.  However, we were hopeful that our presence in the stands would help turn things around for the Chiefs.  Other than last year's play-off game loss, the Michels have been a good luck charm for the Chiefs.

This game was a little different because Emily is 7 months pregnant and I'm almost 4 months pregnant and dragging around a very busy 2-year-old.  Our seats for the game last year were 1 row from the top and we knew there was no way we'd be able to make that long trek up those stairs -- plus we needed to be a lot closer to the bathrooms.  Luckily, we found tickets in the upper deck corner, row 10 with the sun behind us -- perfect seats! :)  We were surprised how full the stadium was, given the lackluster team performance this year.  Chiefs fans are pretty loyal (and optimistic)!  Ledger quickly learned to say "That's good for a Kansas City Chiefs.... FIRST DOWN!" and do the first down signal with it too.  Emily has a video, but she will have to post it on her own blog.

Once we settled into our seats, Ledger took quick notice of the cotton candy salesman roaming our section. He was too far away to buy anything which left Ledger pathetically whining "cotton candy..." through the entire first quarter.  During the second quarter, Emily, Ledger and I went on a quest for food.  We had to go UP a section to find popcorn and pretzels but none of the concession stands sold cotton candy!  Luckily, Emily spotted a roving salesman headed into the stands, so she took off RUNNING on a 50-yard dash through the concourse carrying Ledger and a very pregnant belly.  She got a lot of funny looks.  BUT, she managed to track down some cotton candy ($7!!!) for her nephew.

During the third quarter, Ledger started getting very sleepy and by the fourth quarter, he passed out asleep on our laps.  The 4th quarter was very exciting since the game was close right up to the end, but Ledger slept through the whole thing. :)  We stayed until the end of the game -- a 22-17 CHIEFS VICTORY!!

Michels and Perkins'

Still not quite sure about all of the game-time action.

3rd Quarter:  Getting tired and sharing his beads with Mommy.

And... he's out.


  1. I always knew you were lucky charms! Congrats to the Chiefs! I know that made the #1 Chiefs Fan a thrilled man. Looking forward to seeing you soon, love you!

  2. Papa and I think Ledger was the lucky person for the Chiefs! He just needed to be at that game ~ even if he did fall asleep. Glad he got the Cotton Candy! :)