Monday, September 27, 2010

Big City Weekend

Chris and I both took Friday off of work and left town late Thursday night to spend a weekend in KC with the Perkins'.  Driving in the evening worked out pretty well because Ledger got sleepy and fell asleep in the car.  For those of you who don't know, Ledger gets really giggly when he's sleepy.  I recorded this video of Daddy making Ledger laugh in the car on our way to KC...
We didn't have any plans for Friday, so we mostly just cruised around some of our favorite "big city" shops.  We met Emily for lunch and Ledger got to see where she works and meet some of her co-workers -- all of whom immediately recognized him from the multiple blog videos! :)  Ledger also showed off his fork skills during lunch at Fazoli's...
Friday night, we ate at Mi Ranchito -- our FAVORITE KC Mexican restaurant.  The espinaca dip is SO good.  (We tried to stay on our "Pound Plunge" diet -- really, we did!)

On Saturday morning, we had a Panera breakfast.  I LOVE their pumpkin muffins -- and so did Ledger! :)  Emily and Josh both had "stuff" to do on Saturday morning, so Chris and I took the opportunity to partake in the wonderful Olathe garage sales.  Seriously, they always have good stuff and it's usually pretty cheap.  (I know I'm pathetic, but I love a bargain -- and so does my husband.)  We bought a pair of Baby Gap jeans for 50 cents, a toy tank for 50 cents, a Lego-type play table for $5, and a Bissel carpet shampooer for $25.  I was most excited about finding a baby backpack carrier and getting it for half of what they had it marked as!  We had the opportunity to put it to good use that afternoon when we hit the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  I haven't been to the Ren Fest since I was in high school and I had forgotten how immense the grounds are!  Seriously, it's really big.  I was excited to take Chris, because he'd never been to anything like this.  Ledger was enthralled with all of the new sights.  Emily and Josh went along, but honestly, they mostly went for the food -- turkey legs, cheesecake-on-a-stick, and fried pickles! :)  We got to see the parade and a big joust, but it started raining shortly afterwards so it cut our afternoon short.  Here are the pictures...

My knight in shining armor...

The Michel family with the King and Queen of Canterbury.
Puss... in boots!

As if that wasn't enough fun for a big weekend... We went to a KC Chiefs game on Sunday!!  Chris and I are BIG Chiefs fans, so we were really excited to get to a game.  The Chiefs have been on a roll and were 2-0 going into the Sunday game against the San Francisco 49ers as a 3 point underdog.  We arrived early at Arrowhead stadium to enjoy the tailgating atmosphere.  After a game of washers and a bloody mary with our parking lot neighbors, we decided to head into the stadium early to get a look at some of the changes to the NEW Arrowhead remodel.  Chris really wanted to see the new Lamar Hunt statue and the Hall of Fame.  We got a little turned around though, so we actually did about two full laps around the stadium before we saw everything we wanted.  We made it to our nosebleed seats just in time for kick off.  And we were definitely in the nosebleeds -- 1 row from the top.  :)  But right on the 35 yard line -- we could see everything!  Ledger liked the noise and clapped along with the crowd.  He even tried to participate in the "FIRST DOWN" arm gesture, but couldn't quite nail the timing. ;)  By the middle of the 2nd quarter, he was worn out and fell asleep in aunt Emily's arms.  The Chiefs played a helluva game and crushed the 49ers.  Final score: Chiefs - 31, 49ers - 10.

Thanks to the Perkins' for an awesome weekend.  We had a great time!!  Hope we can do it again soon!


  1. Wow, Im tired just reading this. lol Sounds like so much fun. We love our backpack carriers too. Especially when you get them cheap. I just bought a Ergo baby carrier on a few months back and I LOVE IT. It would be for next baby, but I carry Ronan in it a lot. I got it half off and that makes the deal so much sweeter.
    Love the belly laugh video too! Jonas is making me play it over and over. ha
    Love you guys! Lots of kisses.

  2. We had a blast! I look confused in our Chiefs picture! Wish we could see him more often! Love you!