Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ledger's New Tricks

Ledger is learning new things every day.  His vocabulary seems to grow by the minute! :)  Here are some of the newer things we're seeing Ledger doing now...

He gives fist BUMPS.

He gives head butts.  Well, really it's more of a head PRESS.
He especially likes pressing his head on the cat.

His newest trick is that he will give REAL kisses!
It is so sweet.

I am hoping to get some video of Ledger's newest words soon and will post it as soon as we get it!  Thanks for watching us grow.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, make sure he does not ask his cousin for head butts. They do not just press heads. Bumps are great though :) too cute. I made the mistake of saying Beso, kiss in spanish, for kisses when Ro was a baby so it took a while for Ronan to give kisses in English. ha