Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is going on?

I'll admit it... I've been a lazy blogger.  I've gotten into the habit of putting some photos on the blog and being done with it.  So today I am going to tell you what's been going on with the Michel family lately.

We have been busy trying to settle back into a routine that gets all of us to school, work, and child care on time.  So far, it has been going very well.  I am really enjoying our morning cuddle and playtime and trying to get us out on a walk a few times a week.  Daddy and Ledger have had good afternoon playtime together and usually even get dinner started before I get home from work! :)

Ledger is cutting molars on his right side.  You can actually see the swollen gums and the tooth cutting through really clearly in the picture above.  He had one or two rough nights cutting his upper molar and is having a couple of rough days with this bottom one too.  We are hoping that his left-side molars won't cause him quite as much distress.

Ledger is getting more verbal on a daily basis.  He is a pretty good parrot and will try to repeat just about everything you say.  His word of the week is "outside".  He says daddy, dog, baby, bye bye, cat, kitty, and a million other words that we just can't understand yet!

The kid is constantly on the move.  In a blink of the eye he will climb the stairs and make a mad dash for the dog water bowls or the toilet or the closest broom he can find.  We are trying to teach him to go down the stairs safely on his tummy... but he would much rather just walk down like a big boy. :)

This weekend we are looking forward to seeing aunt Jaime, aunt Emily, and uncle Josh.  Labor Day officially marks the start of football season -- which means that you can pretty much guarantee the Michels will be spending Sunday afternoons in front of the flat screen TV cheering on our KC Chiefs!


  1. Football season IS upon us...Boompa is beside himself with excitement! Me, I'm looking for our lucky Sooner Socks...they are some place in the drawer, I just know it! Can Ledger still fit in his socks? Great post Mommy Michel! I've missed these long posts but I've also enjoyed the quick videos or series of photos! I love them all...But now we have Skype to look forward too! Our test run was great fun...Love you guys, Boomma

  2. I love the update. Him saying outside is adorable. Yay! Football season. Watch out for open windows. :)

  3. Thanks for the long post, KJ! Even though I already know some of the info, I love reading all about the things our little man is doing! He is so darn cute and smart! Love ya!