Saturday, September 18, 2010

BoomPa Weekend

This weekend BoomPa came to visit.  KSU and OU both had football games in the afternoon, so we have spent Saturday afternoon decked out in our school colors and enjoying some Big XII football! :)  Here are some pictures of Ledger in his OU gear.  The Sooner socks are a Powell family tradition.

Ornery, ornery, ornery...

Giving BoomPa "bumps".

We match!!

BoomPa gave Ledger a brief Sooner history lesson before the game.

Ledger thought it was funny.

Supporting BoomPa's superstition and wearing our OU socks.

We got a little overheated and stripped down to our diaper.  But the socks stayed on.

This is Ledger getting ready to throw the ball right at Mommy.