Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Busy Family

Since coming home from the hospital, the Michel family has had very little "down" time.  

We made the big decision to put our house on the market and spent a week moving furniture out of our house, cleaning, rearranging, and staging our home for buyers.  Chris worked especially hard to get our backyard in order by moving 54(!!) bags of cedar mulch into our craptacular rock beds and planting some shrubs to keep them from looking too desolate.  We had our first open house on Sunday and it went very well.  We are very proud of how our home looked and hope that we are able to sell it soon.  The big challenge is going to be maintaining this level of clean and "show-ready" while also living in this space with a toddler and a newborn!

Locke is getting bigger by the day -- he is an excellent nurser.  We had his two week check-up this week and he weighed in at 9 pounds 1 oz -- MORE than his birth weight!  That means he's gained 13 ounces in 1 week! He continues to be a pretty easy baby and eats pretty consistently every 2-3 hours.  He loves to be swaddled and, just like any newborn, has periods where he sleeps heavy and periods when he is very awake!

Ledger really loves baby Locke and spends the first few minutes of every day asking (repeatedly) if this baby is "our" baby.  He especially likes when Locke has his eyes open and wants to try to help hold and take care of him as much as possible.  However... Ledger has really started acting out and being defiant.  He challenges our every request and can often be heard saying "no" and "I don't want to".  This is definitely a new behavioral stage for him and we are taking it day by day in how we respond to his attitude.  Also, he has suddenly stopped calling us Mommy and Daddy and, in a very grown-up voice, has taken to calling us plain ol' "Mom" and "Dad".

This is Chris' last week off of work.  We have been really blessed to have him home for 3 weeks and the kids and I will miss him tremendously when he starts back to work next week.  I wish we would have been less busy during his time at home so that we could just spend some quality time together!

I am finally feeling pretty good after my surgery.  I can finally sleep in bed (a big upgrade from the recliner!).  I can drive and lift and do just about everything I could do pre-surgery -- but it often comes with a dull, manageable pain.  As I'm sure you can imagine, my chest is seeing a lot of action these days and is really the main source of my continued discomfort.  (Funny side story -- Ledger asked his Daddy if there was milk in his boobies too.  Daddy explained that only Mommies have milk for babies, but we were both impressed with his reasoning and question!)  Everyone has started commenting about how thin I look.  I've lost a lot of my late-pregnancy water weight and am continuing to lose weight.  Actually, the doctor says that I'm weighing in 1 pound lighter than I was at my 8-week appointment last year.  So that's a positive sign!  

Alright... and here are the photos you've been patiently waiting for.  Thanks for reading our update!

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  1. Whew I'm tired for you all! Locke looks so much like you Kendell!! Love the brotherly love :)
    Ps. Happy Anniversary!