Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

This year we celebrated Easter with the Michel family and were very happy that aunt Jaime was in town and able to join us as well.  Last year, Ledger did some egg hunting, but didn't really understand it.  This year, he was definitely "ready" for the Easter bunny.  When he came down to the living room on Easter morning, I told him that the Easter bunny had hidden his basket somewhere in our living room.  Ledger said, "It's in the closet." and then walked over and immediately found his basket in the coat closet.  Hmm... guess the bunny is going to have to work harder to hide it next year. :)

After opening all of his eggs and finding them filled with coins and candy, he was really excited to go to his Grammie's house to look for more Easter eggs.  He loved finding eggs in the front yard and then got to open another big Easter basket!  As usual, he was a little spoiled!

Locke's first Easter egg.

Locke and Grandpa having a serious discussion.


  1. That picture of Locke and the egg is hilarious!!!

  2. Looks like Ledger had a fantastic time! Love the photos, and you are in some of them, way to go!

  3. What a fun Easter we had! So glad the weather was nice and Ledger could hunt for the eggs outside.