Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy Kansas Weather

This weekend, we survived another example of crazy Kansas weather.  We spent the weekend at Oma and Dooda's house in Lindsborg, which turned out to be a real blessing.  On Saturday night, the severe storms fired up and THREE tornadic storms followed a path from the Marquette/Kanopolis area just between Salina and Lindsborg.  The worst storm spawned an EF-4 tornado that was measured more than 1/4 mile wide and as it bared down on Salina, it completely dissipated 10 miles west of the city and reformed 2 miles east of Salina to affect New Cambria and Niles.  It was a very scary night, but we were happy to have a basement to hide out in during the weather.  Ledger actually really loved camping out in the basement and thought it was a fun adventure.  Locke slept through the whole thing.  Mommy and Daddy had a nervous night and didn't get much sleep, but we could appreciate how lucky we were to be that close to a tornado and be unaffected.

Camping out in the basement.  Ledger is faking it -- we couldn't get him to go to sleep.
He was way too excited!

This video was taken about 10 miles west of Lindsborg on K-4 near Marquette.  

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