Friday, December 28, 2012

Hensley and Michel Christmas Fun

This year we celebrated our first Christmas in our new home.  We especially love our fireplace and mantle and how cozy our house felt when it was fully decorated with our Swedish Tomtees, lights, and Christmas tree.

We celebrated Christmas with the Perkins and Hensley families on December 23rd.  (The Guy family was struck with the "crud" and couldn't join us this year.)  Ledger loved opening his presents and Locke enjoyed watching the action and trying to eat the wrapping paper.  Neither Chris or Josh was feeling particularly great, so after gifts were open, we played some cards and watched football while the kids played with their toys.  Until Oma got out the disc guns and all-out-WAR broke out!

Shots fired!!

Josh using Emily as a human shield.

Ledger and Josh team up to pelt Oma with discs.

Ledger got this bouncy horse and was so cute hopping around the house on it!

Doodah got Ledger this "build it yourself" airplane kit and showed Ledger how to disassemble and reassemble it using the toy screwdriver and wrench.  After one lesson, Ledger was busy taking the plane apart and then putting it back together by himself!

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to the Michel's house and enjoyed a soup lunch before opening our presents.  Chris read the Christmas story from the Bible while holding Locke... it was so sweet.  Ledger and Locke both got some (much needed) winter clothes and some fun toys.  Ledger especially loved getting to play with aunt Jaime and Locke enjoyed cruising around the living room using presents as his stabilizer!  For dinner, we had a full holiday spread with baked chicken, potatoes and gravy, and bread.  Yum!!

Conquering the mountain of presents!

Grammie and Ledger reading together.

Ledger's new stocking.

Locke's new stocking.

Santa baby.

At home on Christmas morning, Ledger was thrilled to see that Santa had finished off the cookies and milk we left for him.  Santa also left a big pile of presents under the Christmas tree and filled our stockings!!  We dove right in and started opening!!

Ledger has been wanting a play kitchen for a while.  Santa definitely delivered this year!

Ledger loves to play dress up!  For Christmas, Santa brought him a few new costumes!
We spent the afternoon eating lunch at Tracy's house with all of my extended family. While we were there, we got a special visit from the big man... SANTA!!
Kinley not-so-happy about Santa's visit...

Ledger gave Santa an earful about how he'd been a good boy this year.

Locke wasn't scared, but wasn't entirely sure either...

Santa brought Locke these fun stacking rings...

... and candy canes for all of us.

Kinley wanted to share Locke's stacking rings.

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  1. I think the entire extended family had a very blessed Christmas season. I can't believe after months of preparation, it is truly over ~ until next time! Love, love, love Christmas and being with our family!