Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No, No, No!!! It's Christmas!!

This weekend we had our first family Christmas celebration in Oklahoma with the Powell and Perkins families. Saturday was an awesome day where we stayed in our pajamas and just spent time together (thanks to BoomMa for cooking and allowing us to stay IN all day). After waiting patiently through breakfast and shower time, Ledger got to help BoomPa pass out presents to the whole family. Next, Ledger opened his first gift, a truck/boat set that he really wanted from Bass Pro Shop. As he was tearing off the paper and getting a glimpse of the present inside, he was saying, "No! No! NOO!! It's my TRUCK!!" It was so stinkin' cute. Wish we could've caught it on video. He was also very excited about an Avengers Lego set. Baby Locke got some cool toys, but was even more excited about the wrapping paper. I had to be especially watchful to keep him from eating it. Kinley got a pink Disney princess castle -- which was pretty cool, since she's the first girl we've gotten to get some "girly" presents for. :)

That evening, we went to Rhema Bible College to see their amazing light display. I remember driving through here as a kid and think it is cool that my kids are getting to experience it now. Of course, it's grown and become an amazing music-synchronized LED light and music extravaganza compared to what it was when I was little!

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