Friday, April 26, 2013

Texas Vacation - The Big Bang

I guess our vacation series wouldn't be complete if I didn't tell the whole story.  We woke up early on Saturday to try to get going and I got us into a pretty severe car wreck.  I was concentrating on finding road signs and didn't see the traffic signal.  We were hit on the driver's side rear wheel and spun around.  It scared the kids, but no one was seriously hurt.  The other car was totaled, but the driver was OK.  We had our flat changed by the tow truck driver (Do you know where the spare tire is in a minivan with stow-and-go seating?  It's up under the center console and has to be lowered with a special tool.  Seriously.  I had to google it.) and were able to drive our car to a rental car facility.  It just happened to be right next door to a Collision repair shop.  Thank God.  So we rented a car to drive home and left our car there to get fixed.  The remainder of our travels were (thankfully) uneventful.

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  1. We were just so thankful that you were not hurt. Still, not a good way to end your vacation!