Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Texas Vacation - Port Aransas Day 3, part 1

(This post was getting really long, so I broke it into two parts...)
Day 3 was started out cold and dreary.  But Ledger was so excited to get out to the beach to try his newly acquired (found it abandoned near the pool area) boogie board.  So he and I went out into the crazy terrible weather, down to the beach, and he laid on the boogie board while I ran in the surf pulling him.  It was quite a workout.  After about half an hour, his lips were turning blue and we were both ready to head back inside to dry off.  To keep us entertained on a dreary morning, Doodah and Daddy drove into town to pick up Tommy's beach cart to take us for a ride.  Doodah even let Ledger drive -- which he LOVED.

Ledger loves driving.

We found this awesome stick washed ashore full of barnacles.
Ledger loved watching the barnacles slide in and out of their shells!
After lunch and naps, the sun finally came out and warmed things up enough to hit the beach and pool.  At the beach, Doodah tried to get Ledger to really "ride" a wave on his boogie board.  It took a few tries, but Ledger did finally get a good ride -- check out the video!  At the pool, Doodah had been wanting to take some specific "posed" pictures at the kids water park.  See below. :)

Locke smiled every time the water washed over his legs.  He loved just hanging out in the surf.
Doodah wanted to try to get Ledger to really "ride" a wave on his boogie board.

After all of our fun that day, there was even MORE fun to come in the evening.  See PART TWO.

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