Friday, April 12, 2013

Texas Vacation - Port Aransas Day 4

On the morning of our last day in Port A, Oma and Doodah packed up and left for home very early in the morning.  It was super windy outside, which meant that we couldn't spend much time on the beach or at the pool.  Instead we went into town and went shopping for souvenirs and explored the town.  We rode the ferry over and back to watch for the bay dolpins and were happy to spot 5 or 6 of them playing in the waves.  They weren't as close to the boat this time, but it was still neat.  We decided to head over to the jetty to see if Ledger wanted to try to find some seashells.  As it turned out, he wasn't all that interested in seashells.  Instead, we found a lot more dolphins right off the jetty -- including a mother and calf about 20 yards away. The little baby was so cute!  We also spotted 2 sea turtles and got to watch a big oil tanker come into port.  I could've sat there forever.  I also got my own little souvenir -- a star tattoo on my hand, exactly where Locke was born with a freckle.  It was very neat to get this tattoo on Locke's actual first birthday and while we were on vacation!  I wish we had taken our camera with us, but we didn't.
Birthday boy trying on souvenir hats...

Daddy and Locke hanging out.

Powdered sugar donuts for birthday breakfast.

Mommy's little souvenir
That night, we joined the Lewis and Shober families at the pirate-themed restaurant Moby Dick's.  We really had fun eating dinner together and the food was very good.  Ledger loved all of the attention from the big kids.  It was a good ending to a great time in Port A.

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