Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Weekend

This was a big weekend for us. Not only was it my first weekend back at work, but we had a full schedule of events as well!

On Friday, Ann & Lee Buchanan visited us from Manhattan and they brought their 1-year-old son, Brody, with them. Ann and I were inseparable during veterinary school, but now we have families and live in different cities. We still talk on the phone very frequently... but I miss seeing her regularly -- especially now that I need her advice on raising a boy! This was a very special visit. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a picture of Ledger and Brody together. Darn this Mommy brain!

On Saturday evening, we went to Maegan Sherwood's wedding. She is a 3rd grade teacher at Heusner and we have really enjoyed getting to know her over the last few years. Her wedding was beautiful and the church was packed with people! At the reception, we sat with some of Chris' co-teachers from Heusner -- Travis & Heather Sharpe, Brian & Beth Kinion, and Damon Boyer. It's always a good time when we get together with them!

On Sunday, we made plans to have a group of friends join us at the lake to celebrate Chris' birthday. The weather was perfect -- 90 degrees and clear! Chris was really looking forward to getting his friends out on the wakeboard. Even I was looking forward to making my wakeboard comeback since I got cleared by the doctor to resume normal activity. Unfortunately, after we crossed the lake, the boat wouldn't start! We made lemonade out of lemons and pulled the boat ashore while the boys threw around the football and goofed around with the camera. It took a few hours to tinker with the boat to get things running smoothly again... but everyone DID eventually get out on the boat. Chris and Damon both got right up on the board. I got up on my first try too, but didn't last long! Overall, everyone ended up with a good sunburn and (I think) smiles on their faces.

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  1. The new boat died? What happened? Cute picture of Ledger in his life jacket.