Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smoky Hill River Festival

This weekend, the Michel clan spent their time at the Smoky Hill River Festival. For us, this means family, music, arts.... and FOOD! :)

We kicked off the festival on Friday afternoon. Emily & Josh came for the festival and, of course, Emily scooped up her littlest nephew and carried him everywhere. He slept through most of the afternoon -- as you can see in this photo of him completely passed out. We listened to music and walked through the crafts display. Unfortunately, it was pretty warm and Ledger started to get fussy and hot -- so we only stayed out at the park for a few hours.

Saturday morning, most of our family participated in the Festival Fitness Five -- the street race of the River Fest. Chris, Ledger, and I walked in the 2-mile race. Oma and Papa Hensley, aunt Emily, Lynnda & Warren, and Tracy all walked the 2 mile race. Tracy placed 2nd and raced through the course with a time of 22 minutes!! The Michel clan walked at a slightly more relaxed pace. Uncle Josh, Olivia, and Ethan ran the 2-mile race. Ethan and Olivia both got 6th place in their age division! They also had little kids races where Faith, Grady, Isaac, and Ethan all ran and did great! I was very proud of our family.

We spent most of Saturday at the Festival. The weather was absolutely perfect -- 73 degrees, breezy but sunny... perfect! :) It was the perfect day to have Ledger out at the park. Lots of family, fun, and fried food! We all had a really great time!

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