Sunday, June 7, 2009

A long weekend for everyone

Mommy and Daddy had their first post-baby date. Oma volunteered to babysit on Friday afternoon so that we could go see Angels & Demons in the theater. Chris actually read the novel "Angels & Demons" before we had Ledger -- so we'd been wanting to see this movie for more than a month! We enjoyed the movie, but it was definitely a departure from the book!

We spent the majority of the weekend in Marquette, KS with Chris' family. His grandparents recently moved into a nursing home and his family has been preparing to sell their house. It's been an emotional time, since that was their family home for more than 50 years. His family decided to spend this week cleaning out the house, culminating in a huge garage sale on Saturday. Unfortunately, Ledger has been on a 2-hour feeding schedule, making it really difficult for either Mommy or Daddy to be of much help! The garage sale was a big success, but it took a physical and emotional toll on everyone. Even Ledger was worn out from being shuttled around in the car all weekend! (Here is a picture of our sleepy baby in his little night-time jump suit)

I will be starting back to work this coming week, so please keep us in your thoughts. Chris and I are both a little nervous about figuring out the best way to navigate around Ledger's erratic feeding schedule. Hopefully all will go well. :)

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