Friday, June 19, 2009

Ledger's First KC Royals Game

Today Ledger went to his first major league baseball game... Kansas City Royals vs St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, the Royals got creamed 5-10. The fireworks display at the end of the game was the baseball highlight. However, we got to enjoy the new Kauffman Stadium and the very family friendly atmosphere. Aunt Emily bought Ledger his KC Royals outfit and took us to get his "First Game" certificate. BoomPa and BoomMa Powell came from Oklahoma to enjoy the game and hang out with Ledger. Despite the continual threat of rain, the weather stayed hot and muggy. By the end of the evening, Ledger was hot, exhausted, and very fussy.

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  1. Ah.. So cute. His cousins were at a baseball game at the same time too. We were thinking about Ledger and his first game. Our team lost too, but they don't care. Ours were all about the fireworks and food. Miss you