Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Branson Vacation: Day 2 -- Silver Dollar City

We woke up bright and early to head to Silver Dollar City.  I had done a little bit of prep work before we took Ledger to the park and we headed straight for the kids area -- the "Grand Exposition".  They have a really cool kids measuring station where kids are officially measured and given a colored wristband that denotes their height (and Mom's cell phone number just in case) and a list of rides that they can ride.
Unfortunately, we hadn't pre-measured Ledger and we found out that he was actually about an inch and a half short of 36 inches.  Whoops.  As it turns out... there aren't very many rides for kids under 36 inches.  First, we took Ledger on the Flooded Mine ride, where you're given laser guns and slowly float through the ride shooting targets.  He thought the animatronic people were a little scary, but he did OK.

Next, we boarded the SDC train -- one of Ledger's very favorite things.  He loves a choo-choo. :)  This particular train is "robbed" by a couple of backwoods train robbers.  It's good fun.

Later, we hit the Half Dollar Hollar, the newest kids area in SDC.  Grammie helped Ledger build-a-monkey.  Ledger especially liked stomping on the pedal to fill his monkey with fluff.  We also rode the Carousel and played in the treehouse.

We did actually find a little time to ride a few adult rides, including the wild river ride with Jaime and Chris and the awesome acceleration coaster called Powder Keg.

By the afternoon, Ledger was just too overstimulated to fall asleep in our stroller at SDC.  We made the difficult decision to head back to the hotel and try to get our little guy to nap.  He was asleep in his car seat before we even got out of the parking lot.  :)

In the evening, we woke Ledger up and hit the Landing for a late dinner.  We ate at Texas Land & Cattle -- YUM!!  Afterwards, an 80s cover band was playing an open-air concert at the Landing fountain.  They were pretty awesome and Ledger absolutely loved dancing to the music!!  Everyone around us kept telling us how adorable our little boy is.  (As if we didn't already know!)


  1. Another wonderful day! Thanks, KJ, for suggesting I drive an electric scouter. I wouldn't have been able to keep up with all of you otherwise. It was a great day!

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