Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two In a Row

OK, I know it's probably pretty premature to be blogging about this... but Ledger has BIG news!  He has peed in the potty TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!  The first time, most of the pee went all over mommy (of course).  But the second time, he even pointed his pee-pee into the potty!!  Way to go son!!

P.S. - This isn't a recent picture  He now has a potty seat on the potty with a step for him to climb up there.


  1. I used to turn my boys around backwards so that the pee went in better, but the best way we taught them was just standing on a stool and peeing instead of sitting. Sitting always equeled pee on walls so i nixed that. Jonas loved being big boy standing and aiming at cherrioes. The urnial's and of course peeing on trees sealed the deal for Jonas. Now Ro wants to pee on trees like Jonas and daddy. Good job Ledger!!!! I forsee lots of future distance peeing contests at the lake in the future having all these boys.

  2. WOW ~ what a big boy you are, Ledger James. Papa and Grammie are so proud of you! :)