Sunday, June 19, 2011

Touch a Truck

Chris took Ledger to the Touch a Truck event this week.  Ledger got to see some of his favorite vehicles up close and personal.  He was a little nervous at first -- but then he loosened up and just enjoyed himself.  He got to push the buttons and make the sirens go in the police cars.  He explored the front and back of a fire truck and ambulance.  He even got to climb on top of a giant bucket truck! :)

A big city bucket truck

Driving the fire truck.


Ledger thinks he needs to put on his seat belt in every car.

The tires are bigger than Ledger is.

Ledger driving the tricked out police Camaro.


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  2. I think Ledger and Daddy must have had a very fun morning. I know how Ledger loves to drive! :)