Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day at lake Kanopolis 2011

We spent this weekend out at the lake with the Hensley and Perkins families.  Ledger got to stay up a little late on Friday night and we all went on our first boat ride of the season.  Ledger thought it was too windy and ended up dozing off in my arms on the way back to the dock.

On Saturday, the weather was chilly and overcast, so we played games in our sweats and enjoyed some family time.  Ledger went for a ride on the paddle boat with Emily, Oma, and Mommy.  We also went on a boat ride, but it was too chilly for anyone to get into the water.

Sunday was a gorgeous HOT day.  We hit the lake in the morning with no intention of getting into the cold water.  But, somehow, Josh was convinced to wake board.  After some quality time on the water, we headed back in for lunch.  Then Josh sat down for an afternoon head shaving (using the dog clippers of course).
Captain Dooda with First Mate Ledger.

Whoo.... that water is COLD!

And, we have our first wakeboarding air of the season!

Daddy and Ledger soaking up some sun!
That is one big wiener.

He got the buzz.
That afternoon, it got hotter and windier.  After Ledger's nap, we went out for another boat ride.  We found a protected cove and anchored the boat.  Ledger was really enjoying splashing his feet in the water.  Daddy and Josh even got in the water so that Ledger could "swim" a little bit.  It was so great to be out in the sun and just relaxing!!
How cute is this kid?!

Bathing beauties.

Aunt Emily with Ledger.

Ledger dipping his feet in the water.

Splash, splash, splash.

Manly men!

Mommy and Ledger on a boat ride.

On Sunday it was way too windy to do anything on the water.  We stayed on the deck and finished our Pegs and Jokers tournament (the boys won).  Ledger played in the sandbox and in the hose -- what a mess! :)

What a great weekend!  I can't wait until we are all together again for River Festival!


  1. Wish we could have been there. Looks like so much fun. I love all the pictures, especially the one with you in it! I miss seeing you. Thanks for all the pics. Makes home a little closer. Ledger i's so darn cute. Cant wait to get all our blondies together.

  2. What fun all you guys must have had! I absolutely LUV the photo of Ledger with his Dooda! That is so darn cute! Buddy needs to frame that one for his office. :)