Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas -- Part 2

We had a very small change of plans in our Christmas day.  Uncle Brett came down with the stomach flu late Christmas Eve night.  (After proposing to aunt Jaime on Christmas Eve night during the candelight church service singing Silent Night.... poor guy.)  So instead of having Christmas lunch at Pam and Steve's house, they brought lunch to our house and we enjoyed a small, intimate holiday meal together.

After lunch, we headed to Tracy's house for a Peterson family gathering.  And guess who showed up... SANTA!!  The boys did great with him -- especially since he came bearing gifts! :)  After an adult gift exchange, we had to take the boys home for nap time.  Maybe Mommy and Daddy needed a nap too.

Later that night, Oma and Doodah came over for cards.  It was the perfect way to end a great Christmas day.

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to move the dinner to your home. Poor Brett ~ how awful to miss his first Christmas dinner with us. But, we all survived. There will be another year. Love you!