Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hensley Christmas

Our second family Christmas was celebrated in Lindsborg with Oma and Doodah and the Perkins family. The kids just love being together, even when Locke and Kinley spend most of their time arguing over whose turn with the toy it is.  Us adults love to spend time together playing games (after the kiddos go to bed).  On Saturday, it started to snow and ended up dumping 12-18" of dry snow over central Kansas.  So Sunday morning, we all woke up and opened stockings and presents together.  Of course, the kids wanted to go play in the snow -- so we got bundled up and went outside int the snow.  That didn't last too long because it was just too darn cold.  

How cute is this kid?  Seriously.

Ledger and Kinley cuddling.  Followed immediately by wrestling.

Oma and Doodah have their hands full.

The rocking horse was very popular with the kids.

This rubber snake is in the toy box at Oma's house.  Weird.

Perkins family.

That baby in her tummy is my future nephew. :)

Frolicking in the snow.

Crazy Chris, Oma, and Josh went out into the snow to make snow angels!

Ledger got a whole handful of Lego figures -- he especially loves the Avenger figures.

Snow cousins.

This might be too cold for me Mommy...

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