Monday, December 23, 2013

The Reason for the Season

In this very busy time of the year, it is easy for families to get caught up in the "machine" of Christmas and forget that Jesus is the true Reason for a Season.  We are blessed to have a great Christian based preschool that helps Ledger learn Christian Christmas songs.  But we also make sure we talk about Jesus at home and why we really celebrate.  After one of these "Jesus birthday" discussions, Ledger demanded that we need to make a birthday cake for Jesus -- because at birthday parties, there's always cake.  I couldn't really argue with this logic, so we made a birthday cake for Jesus.  Ledger did ALL of the baking and mixing and I did the frosting.  (The kids licked the frosting spatulas to "help" clean up.)  I think this will probably become a new Michel family tradition and look forward to making a Jesus birthday cake for many years to come.

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