Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Michel Family Christmas Eve

True to tradition, we spent Christmas Eve with the Michel family.  We were especially happy to get to spend time with Jaime and Brett.  We had an absolutely wonderful family lunch and then opened family presents. Ledger was an old pro with helping pass out packages, but Locke was a little overwhelmed by trying to wait his turn to open his presents.  As usual, we were all so happy with our Christmas gifts -- I was especially happy to get a new laptop, which has allowed me to catch up on my blogging. :)  Merry Christmas to me!
Papa read the Christmas story.

Locke was a little overwhelmed by all of the packages.

Caught Jaime and Brett kissing on Christmas. :)

One of Mommy's favorite Christmas presents.

Locke kept taking the bows off of packages and putting them on his head.  Silly kid.

Papa gets a little silly when he's waiting his turn to open presents.

LOVE this picture.  Locke loves his aunt Jaime.

Ledger wasted no time tackling his tower of presents.

Everyone wants on Mommy's lap.

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