Saturday, December 14, 2013

Powell Family Christmas

This weekend, we traveled to KC to have our Powell family Christmas at the Perkins' house.  We really enjoyed spending time together as a family.  Saturday morning, we all gathered together to open our stockings and presents.  Ledger got Legos mostly and Locke got an assortment of balls and a bowling set.  We all had a great time!  Since we usual celebrate Powell family Christmas a little early, we have joked that maybe we should call it a "Festivus" celebration.

BoomPa and Ledger checkin' out his Legos.

BoomPa helping Locke warm up his bowling set.

Locke loves Kinley's baby dolls...

... and cuddling with BoomPa.

Kinley loves baby dolls too.

How cute and ornery looking are these cousins.

Ledger LOVES his Legos -- this set was his number one Santa request.

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