Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

This weekend we celebrated the 4th of July at Lake Kanopolis with my family. The weather was less than ideal for having fun on the boat -- windy with scattered thunderstorms -- but we managed to have a great time anyway! Most of the weekend was spent on the deck of the lake house playing "Pegs and Jokers" or "Poop on your Neighbor". On Saturday, we did manage to find a nice quiet cove where we could toss the football around and just enjoy some of the rare sunshine. I slathered Ledger with sunscreen and we dipped his feet in the water. He hated it -- the water was just too chilly for him. Below is a picture of him expressing his displeasure. So he and Mommy spent the remainder of the time hiding in the shade of the bimini cover on the boat. The Saturday night fireworks display was very impressive, as usual. Ledger did better than expected, and slept through the last half of the fireworks!

The Guy family is here visiting from Washington this week. We are looking forward to spending some time out at the lake with them and introducing Ledger to his cousins! We will post lots of pictures of the boys together!

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