Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poker Run

This weekend was the annual Lake Kanopolis Poker Run. Since Chris and I are yacht club members, this year we had to work the event instead of just enjoying it. :) Our main job was to cook 250 hot dogs. It took us almost 2 hours to cook them all!
Our next job was to dress up and serve the hot dogs to hundreds of hot, sweaty, drunk people. The Poker Run theme this year was PIRATES -- which was convenient since Chris is currently working on a very detailed Captain Jack Sparrow costume for Halloween. I've been given permission to post a picture from this weekend... but understand that this costume is still under construction. We also didn't have time to do any makeup work -- which is probably best since it was so hot it would have all melted off anyways.The Poker Run was a complete success -- better than last year. We had a good time, but are looking forward to at least getting back out on the water to participate next year! :)


  1. Too Funny! We would love to be there for a poker run one year.

  2. Travis loves the just need to get the beard now!