Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Lake Fun

Today we went out with the Heusner 4th grade teachers to Lake Milford. Heather & Travis Sharpe have a great wakeboard boat out there and we all got to enjoy it! :) The weather was PERFECT this weekend... 80 degrees and no wind! We decided to get out there relatively early to try to take advantage of the weather to score some smooth water... and boy did we score! The water was like glass, even at 10 a.m.! Heather and Travis are both great jumpers and showed us how to catch some serious air. Chris got up like a seasoned pro and got a few pointers from Travis on how to jump. He really attacked the wakes!

Brian and Beth Kinon came out to the lake as well. Their daugthers, Kristen (12 months) and Dara (4 yrs), really enjoyed being out on the boat too. Dara even went out for a big ride on the Sharpe's awesome tube. I even got out on the tube for a ride too! :) After Dara was finished riding, Chris, Travis, and Brian got out on the crazy tube and Heather took them for a crazy wild ride. There is a video of it posted here. You can see the guys bouncing around on the tube. Here are pictures of the boys on the raft.

And of course, Ledger did great on the boat. He's such a champ. He puts up with the life jacket (which we borrowed from cousin Ronan) better than we could have hoped. Here are some obligatory photos of Ledger in his lake gear.

For more pictures, you can visit our picasa web site here.

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  1. SO CUTE!!!! These pictures are not helping my case against getting a boat just yet. ha