Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Wonderful Hands

In the last few weeks, Ledger has developed an obsession with his hands. He loves to chew on them every chance he gets. Much to my chagrin, he has even learned to suck his thumb! And he LOVES his thumb -- it must taste much better than his silly old pacifier! So Mommy and Daddy have taken up "thumb patrol"; replacing his thumb with his paci every time we see him try to sneak it into his little mouth!

He has also started chewing on his pacifier and bottle nipples (... and occasionally MY nipples while he's nursing!) and drooling all over the place. His Grammie says that it is pretty normal for babies in their family to have teeth around 3-4 months old! So there is a possibility that he is starting to teethe already! For my own breast feeding comfort, I was really hoping he would wait until 6 or 7 months to start sprouting teeth... but it doesn't look like he's going to hold off that long!!

1 comment:

  1. They can teethe for 3-4 months sometimes before a tooth pops in. Both my boys started drooling and teething at 3 months old and both got their first tooth at 5 months. Ronan had 5 teeth by 6 months. Ugg. It seems that boys get their teeth a lot faster than girls I hear. Gotta love those little biters.