Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Busy Morning

Can you believe this boy is almost 3 months old!!?? This is one of the adorable outfits that I put Ledger in for pictures today.

Today was a very busy day, as predicted. We had pictures taken this morning and the photo session went pretty well. Ledger was a little tired and refused to give Kira his biggest happy smiles -- but hopefully she got some great pictures anyway.

After that, we met with pastor Kent to discuss baptism and we officially scheduled Ledger's baptism for September 13th. We've asked Emily & Josh Perkins and Jaime & Chris Vanderbeck to be Ledger's "sponsors" and they have agreed! We are really excited that our sisters are willing to support us and Ledger in this very important way!


  1. Ledger's picture is above the word adorable in the dictionary! Right grandmas?! I'm looking forward to seeing his new outfits and his 3 month photos and to holding him soon....love you guys! Boom-ma

  2. I know who you are silly!! Your little man is so adorable. I love reading your blog, it makes me excited for what i have to look forward to.