Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Long Week

This was not Ledger's best week. He has started fighting sleep -- which makes bed time a nightmare. And when Ledger isn't sleeping, Mommy isn't sleeping either. So this has been a very long week for everyone.

Ledger has been entertaining everyone with his amazing skills in his Baby Einstein jumper seat. There is a little green frog attached to the seat that he has been working very hard to get into his mouth -- which is not possible. But, boy, he has been focusing so hard. Here is a video of his very hard work.


In shopping news... I found the car seat that I really want on Kansas City craigslist for about 1/2 of the normal purchase price. It makes me so happy to find a bargain! :D I owe a big THANK YOU to Emily who is working with the seller to arrange to pick up the car seat!


  1. Is he teething? Have you tried giving him a small dose of tylenol before bed? That seemed to help my girls some. He also may be going through a growth spurt, which makes him hungry and cranky. Trust me, I feel your pain (and sleep deprivation). I promise, it gets better!

  2. Make sure the car seat has not been used and if it is make sure it has not been in any type of accident. There has been a problem with carseats being bought on ebay and craigslist that say used once or never used and that may be true, but they end up being used once and in a fender bender or accident which makes them useless. Insurance will pay for a brand new seat and then they sell theirs online. Just making sure Ledger is super duper safe ;) We bought some fun yard toys on craigslist for so cheap. Love bargins

  3. ps.. ADORABLE! I love the concentration. So so so cute.

  4. Hope you can get some rest this weekend! At least try! Love you!!

  5. The car seat hasn't been in an accident and it hasn't expired (Britax seats have a 6 year life span). I feel pretty good about the seller, too. So I think it'll be OK.