Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today, Ledger was baptized. I used it as an excuse to dress him up in a sweater vest -- see the picture above. :)

We were thrilled that Pastor Kent Happel was able to perform the service at Immanuel Lutheran Church (the same pastor at the same church where Chris and I were married). We were a little unsure of how Ledger would react to having water drizzled on his head in front of a crowd of people. Oh, and it was a crowd of people -- we filled the first 5 rows! We were so lucky to have a lot of friends and family able to attend the service and support Ledger.

Ledger did great at the church. He was definitely interested in all of the stained glass windows and new things to look at. He was a perfect baby throughout the baptism and didn't cry or complain at all about having water drizzled on his head. His sponsors, Emily & Josh Perkins and Jaime & Chris Vanderbeck, kept him calm through the whole thing. :) His Grammie Pam also sang a solo during his baptism -- half in English, half in Sweedish (which was pretty cool). We weren't allowed to use a flash during the service, so the pictures are a little grainy.


  1. What a great day! Sorry we could not be there. Miss you guys.

  2. It was a great day Kendell! Service, lunch and company... ALL GOOD! Thanks for having us! Love you, Millie and Dad

  3. What a cutie in his sweater vest! It is great that they have cute boy clothes now!