Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'll Take One Baby, Please

Well... Chris and I made it to Walmart last night. It is currently considered un-safe to put your baby's car seat up on the top of a shopping cart, so we always just sit his entire carrier inside the cart. And then we fill the cart with groceries... basically burying Ledger in food. lol. Chris snapped this picture just before we checked out. I'm sure if we tried to ring him up with the rest of the products, he'd be marked "priceless". :)

This week, Chris and I are both working on eating better at home. For our family, it works best to plan meals ahead of time... it just makes our lives easier. So, let's talk food! :) Last night we had turkey burgers and corn. If you haven't switched from regular hamburgers to turkey burgers... you are missing out. They really taste just as good as regular burgers but are 70% more lean! We also love turkey bacon instead of regular bacon. (And while we're talking about substitutions, I have completely converted to wheat pasta and LOVE it!) Tonight we are having chicken enchiladas and vegetable medley (squash, onion, carrots, cauliflower). I don't really like to eat my veggies, but I'm working on it... for Ledger's sake. Tomorrow night, we're having Miracle Lasagna (SO easy and low fat too!) with garlic bread. Thursday we're doing a "Chicken Helper" from-the-box. No shame in my game... I love meals from a box. They're fast and easy and Chris can follow the directions on the box without me having to do anything! :)

Hmm... well, that's my blog for today. Obviously everything is going well here if half of my blog is about food. LOL. Oh, and I realized that there are not very many pictures of ME with Ledger, because I'm always the photographer. So here is a picture of us from this week.


  1. I'm glad to hear you are making healthy selections! We are trying to do the same plus change some of our eating habits. I'll have to try the turkey burgers...I think I just gagged, oh well . . . what can I say, we love our BEEFffff!

  2. Im so proud of you both. Your awesome parents!!! It is so easy to get your kid to love veggies and fruits if they don't know the difference. We are not saints in this house, but having kids has made us better eaters and healthier parents so we can live long enough for all the grey hairs they cause us to fall out! ha I love the picture of you and Ledger. More please! More Please!