Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still Teething

As hard as it is to believe... Ledger still seems to be teething! I honestly didn't realize how LONG babies "teethe" before they actually cut teeth. He always has his hands in his mouth -- often chewing on his thumbs and massaging his gums. We have multiple teething toys: refrigerated ones and vibrating ones and textured ones... but the ones he likes best are his fingers, or mine! :) Here are some pictures of Ledger attacking the straw on my plastic cup this week.

The lady holding Ledger in the second photo is Darlene, our "nanny". She is truly wonderful with him. Every morning they play on the floor, practice tummy time, and she gives him a baby massage. He is very spoiled! :) I think he "talks" more to her than to anyone else. I was initially a little worried about having someone come into our house to babysit, but it has been a dream!! I even tried to convince her to consider staying with us until Chris gets done with school in May, but she is insisting on retiring! But we sure do love Darlene. She's like a 4th grandma to Ledger, AND Chris and I have both enjoyed coming home and talking about our days with her. (We owe a big thank you to Grammie Pam for hooking us up with Darlene. She wouldn't be here with us if she didn't think that Pam is a wonderful lady.)


  1. oh the teething. ha My boys started at 2-3 months and didn't get their first tooth popping in until 5 1/2 months. They are still teething! Ronan got all four top at the same time and is teething right now for his back teeth that don't seem to come in yet. Then they teethe for their molars around 2 and at the dentist yesterday she said Jonas was still waiting on more teeth back there. Do you remember Jonas always having a wet shirt? Just assume that they will be teething until 10 years old. Ha (Is that when all their adult teeth come in? Oh wait, wisdom teeth. They just teeth forever. ha I love seeing where he is at. So cute.

  2. Nice to put a face with the name! I'm glad things have worked out so well!