Friday, September 11, 2009

Nobody Loves Me?

As a blogger, the only way you know that anyone is reading what you write is by reading the comments. I *think* that quite a few of my family and friends read this blog... but I don't get a lot of comments. Over in the right-hand sidebar, I have put a new widget that ranks my top commentators. I sure would like to see some other names on there... Emily, Pam, Korey, and Chris?!


  1. YEAH! YEAH! IM NUMBER 1. Beat that people. (just getting some commenters for you Kendell) This is fun. I have my blog linked to see who actually reads mine and I am shocked at some people who have not even read my blog. So sad, I am. (that was me channeling Yoda for your husband there) okay I am on a caffeine high so I better go do some cleaning. Love you! Love your blog. I want to see more pictures of YOU!

  2. Oh I am so going to start posting!

  3. As a second child in my family, I always strive for #1. So watchout Brandy! Here I come... As I told my sister, commenting is free! I love reading your blog so keep it up! Love you!