Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project Saturday

BoomMa and BoomPa Powell came to visit from Oklahoma. BoomPa loves to help us with any projects that need to be done. Our big "to do" over the last few weeks has been to get the back deck stained. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated and we haven't had 48 hours without rain in 2 weeks. Great for the lake water level... not so great for my "to-do" list! We asked BoomPa to bring his power washer with him, and he was able to help us power wash our deck. First off, let me say that I had NO idea how disgustingly dirty that deck was. Second, after seeing these pictures, no one should ever stain their deck without power washing it first!

Before: Faded, but not TOO bad
BoomPa hard at work -- can you see the difference?

Dirty Wood ------Washed Wood

Gross huh? Way to go BoomPa! Now we just have to apply the stain. Hope the weather holds up this week!

Of course, BoomMa and BoomPa didn't just come to work on our projects. :) They came to visit Ledger.

He sure enjoys the special attention he gets from his grandparents.

They decked him out in his OU gear again -- I have to admit that he looks good in "Crimson and Cream".

We even got BoomPa to change his first official diaper as a grandpa! :)

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