Saturday, September 12, 2009

Steak House Saturday Night

Emily and Josh came into town Saturday afternoon and we all went out to eat at Daimaru Japanese Steak House here in town. We were a little nervous about how Ledger would do with all of the noise, action, and (of course) the fire. You can see the concern on my face in the picture below when they lit the fire. Chris and Ledger are both entranced by the flame. Ledger loved it. He barely took his eyes off of the chef.

Emily and Josh came to Salina bearing presents. She picked up a few of my Craigslist finds -- a lot of Dr. Browns bottles, a Britax car seat, and some sleep sacks. BUT... even better than that... she MADE Leder his own sleep sack. You can read all about it on her blog. Here is a picture of Ledger modeling his custom made sleep sack:


  1. So crafty. I wish I had that gene. I will stick to commenting as my one gift. ha

  2. I promise to upload pictures tonight and I will send you some as soon as I can! Had a blast this weekend! I LOVE YOU!